Jun 23, 2015

Charcoal Update

It's been 1,5 years since my last update, I'm terribly sorry for having you wait sooo long.

2014 was a terrible year for me I had a LOT of health problems some of which still haunt me. Visits to doctors, hospitals, all sort of unpleasant stuff I'd rather not talk about, or experience in the first place for that matter, however it's way better as it is. I'll be updating this blog quite regularly from now on, this is the first part of the massive update covering 2014 and some 2015 sketches/drawings. The digital stuff will come later.

-These are not in chronological order but you can safely assume that those better looking are more recent, most of this stuff is just doodles, warm up sketches but there are some decent drawings in there as well.

It's good to be back!

Let's start with charcoal:

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