Jun 11, 2013

Proko Figure Drawing

Hello people!

It's time for a post and this is going to be a different one this time.
Some of you may heard the name Prokopenko. Ring a bell? No?
Stan is one of the teachers at Watts Atelier and he's realeasing a
series of new tutorials covering figure drawing. The methods
and techniques he's going to present are going to blow your mind,
with tailored aproach, covering each section with necessary
explanation and demonstration focusing on all the important subjects.
I've bought Stan's previous video tutorial  Portrait Drawing and
I recommend it with all my heart, the portrait and figure drawing
series will be one of the best Video tutorials  to date, period.
So don't be cheap, make yourself a favor and invest in this
"Prokofessional" tutoring.

Visit  proko.com/figure

Here's an example of impact, that Stan's art influenced  mine own grow as an artist.
And if I were able to pull this off just by looking at his stuff and putting enough
time and heart into it, imagine what will yoo be able to achieve with this
professional package of instructional videos.

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