Nov 24, 2012

Up up up!

Hello ladies and gents!

Here's a little update, I'm going to get more into painting sometime soonish, but I've realized that drawing is really THE most important thing to begin with, so that will still have the top priority.

Two sketches of an african american women, a landscape sketchy painting ( trying out shaddy's technique as almost everybody now, now wonder the dude rocks! ) More of a lay-in of my buddy Wojtek Fus ( make sure to check his blog, he's got some awesome stuff going on ) and last but not least my feet and a knee done from a mirror,  altho they're somewhat poorly rendered as I was sitting quite far away from the reflection and it was hard to see the details ( improvise! )


  1. Fuck yeah! That's the first time I've been drawn! Thanks mate!

    And I see that you like tities as much as I do. I mean, to draw them. Obviously.

    Need moar stuffz!


  2. good pencilz, get on with those updates