Feb 6, 2012


I haven't done anything strictly from imagination in some time, and dang i got rusty, that was enough proof for me that imagination also needs alot of practice. So here's some stuff i did avoiding refference just to force the brain to think harder.

The headless gargoyle, might  get back to this. Wanted to do something magic the gathering-ish in a long time.

The windows are off perspective here, but to be honest i din't care, just wanted to do an urban comp fairly quick.


  1. Super! Szczególnie bezgłowy gargulec. Świetnie, że ostatnio tyle wrzucasz :D

  2. Dziekuje, gargulca bede msuial troche pochylic do przodu, zeby to wygladalo troche bardziej naturalnie. Wszak nie jest spidermanem. jak bede mial chwile czasu sprobuje do tego przysiasc i pociagnac to dalej.

  3. love the urban design looks really solid! and the lighting is interesting too

  4. Aaah glad to see you here Dan, update your blog more often my friend.
    Thanks again for that list you've emailed me!