Jun 5, 2011

Some sketches lost and found

k so here's some sketches, most of them are few weeks old.
My hand got super rusty after not holding the pencil for about a month, i'll be drawing more often from now often promise!

A gesture car, perspective is really off, but i just wanted to make a car quickly and freely.
I'll be doing a painting of this, so i'll try to fix it up by then.

Some stuff from imagination:

And some photo refferenced:

1 comment:

  1. Fajny charakter maja te posraci rysowane z bańki, tak zalatują stylem z frankofonskich komiksow, a to sa chyba jak najbardziej fajne skojarzenia.

    Mniej fajne skojarzenia budzi ten tekst o nie rysowaniu przez miesiac (Wiadomo, pewien "ticzer" z drimango ;)), ale jak temu zaradzic, to juz sam wiesz - rysuj rysuj :)